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LastNameFirstNamesComplaintWarrantDateOffenseLevelAddressSend Us a Tip
Brogger Matthew Wade"5012/OVS THREATS OF VIOLENCE"06/30/2020Felony, Tip
Garcia Leo Alonson Gutierrez"5015/FTA 5TH DEGREE ASSAULT / DISORDERLY CONDUCT"06/30/2020MisdemeanorBrownton, MN 55312Tip
Guyette Jacob Andrew"5015/FTA 4TH DEGREE BURGLARY / THEFT"06/30/2020Gross MisdemeanorSt Peter, MN 56082Tip
Leverette Anthony James"5012/OVS 3RD DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"06/30/2020FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Perez Anthony James"5015/FTA DOMESTIC ASSAULT"06/30/2020MisdemeanorFairmont, MN 56031Tip
Perez Anthony James"5015/FTA DOMESTIC ASSAULT"06/30/2020MisdemeanorFairmont, MN 56031Tip
Spencer Andre Dejuan"5012/OVS DWI"06/30/2020Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Erickson Nicole Marie"5012/OVS NEGLECT OF CHILD LIKELY SUBSTANTIAL HARM"06/29/2020Gross Misdemeanor, Tip
Martin Luciano Lepke"5015/FTA 2ND DEGREE ASSAULT W/DANGEROUS WEAPON"06/29/2020Felony, Tip
Ough Stacy Ellen"5015/FTA GIVE PEACE OFFICER FALSE NAME BIRTHDATE ID CARD"06/22/2020MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Ough Stacy Ellen"5015/FTA OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS / GIVE PEACE OFFICER FALSE NAME OF ANOTHER"06/22/2020Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Miller Nicholas Jamal"5015/FTA DISORDERLY CONDUCT / DRUGS POSSESS SMALL AMOUNT MJ"06/19/2020Misdemeanor, Tip
Westberry Ronald Arthur"5012/OVS DOMESTIC ASSAULT BY STRANGULATION"06/18/2020FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Westberry Ronald Arthur"5012/OVS 4TH DEGREE ASSAULT"06/18/2020FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Harris Marris Lih"5015/FTA OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS / 4TH DEGREE ASSAULT / DISRUPTIVE INTOXICATION"06/16/2020Gross MisdemeanorAustin, MN 559122436Tip
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