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LastNameFirstNamesComplaintWarrantDateOffenseLevelAddressSend Us a Tip
Irving Kelly Markese"5015/FTA 2ND DEGREE ASSAULT / 3RD DEGREE ASSAULT / 5TH DEGREE ASSAULT"09/22/2017FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Irving Kelly Markese"5015/FTA OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS"09/22/2017Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Irving Kelly Markese"5015/FTA MV REGISTRATION INTENT TO ESCAPE TAX / DAR / RECEIVE STOLEN PROPERTY"09/22/2017Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
McNamara William Ralph"5015/FTA THEFT"09/22/2017MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Wellman Martinez Alex Michael"5015/FTA 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE/OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS"09/22/2017Felony, Tip
Wellman Martinez Alex Michael"5015/FTA POSSESSION OF BURGLARY TOOLS / OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS"09/22/2017Felony, Tip
Clay Travis James"5015/FTA RECEIVE STOLEN PROPERTY"09/21/2017FelonyLake Crystal, MN 56055Tip
Moreno Brandt Blake Tyler"3RD DEGREE PROPERTY DAMAGE / THEFT / 5TH DEGREE ASSAULT / DISORDERLY CONDUCT"09/21/2017Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Raja Zain Ul Abideen"5015/FTA DWI"09/21/2017MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Rose Brandon John"5015/FTA THEFT"09/21/2017MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Tapper Renee Jean"5015/FTA CHECK FORGERY"09/21/2017Felony, Tip
Tapper Renee Jean"5015/FTA FINANCIAL TRANSACTION CARD"09/21/2017Felony, Tip
Tapper Renee Jean"5015/FTA THEFT / 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"09/21/2017Felony, Tip
Tapper Renee Jean"5015/FTA THEFT"09/21/2017Misdemeanor, Tip
Tapper Renee Jean"5015/FTA THEFT"09/21/2017Misdemeanor, Tip
Warrants updated as of:9/24/2017 8:30:10 AM