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LastNameFirstNamesComplaintWarrantDateOffenseLevelAddressSend Us a Tip
Armendariz Joshua Raymond"5012/OVS DOSMESTIC ASSAULT"03/15/2019FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Geisler Kayla Ashley"5012/OVS GIVING PEACE OFFICER FALSE NAME OF ANOTHER"03/15/2019Gross MisdemeanorKasota, MN 56050Tip
Mitchell Bailey Ehren"5015/FTA DWI"03/15/2019Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Underdahl Andrew James"515/FTA 3RD DEGREE BURGLARY / CHECK FORGERY / POSSESS OR SALE OF COUNTERFEIT CHECK"03/15/2019FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Underdahl Andrew James"5015/FTA THREATS OF VIOLENCE"03/15/2019FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Underdahl Andrew James"5015/FTA STALKING / DOMESTIC ASSAULT / THEFT"03/15/2019FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Ferguson Damien Demont"5012/OVS CHECK FORGERY"03/14/2019Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Ferguson Damien Demont"5012/OVS DOMESTIC ASSAULT"03/14/2019MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Ford Faith Lynn"5015/FTA THEFT"03/14/2019MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Harrison Craig Emanuel"5015/FTA 1ST DEGREE CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY"03/14/2019FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
McMurlyn Daniel Stuart"5012/OVS THEFT"03/14/2019MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Perez Anthony James"5015/FTA DOMESTIC ASSAULT"03/14/2019Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Prescott Mia Desiree"5012/OVS 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"03/14/2019Gross MisdemeanorSt Paul, MN 55110Tip
Rideout Jerry Tyrone"5015/FTA DWI"03/14/2019MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Snesrud Jesse Steven"5015/FTA RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY"03/14/2019Misdemeanor, MN 560013370Tip
Warrants updated as of:3/18/2019 8:30:03 AM