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LastNameFirstNamesComplaintWarrantDateOffenseLevelAddressSend Us a Tip
Amick Michael Von"5012/OVS THREATS OF VIOLENCE"12/12/2018FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Greiner Alan Michael"5012/OVS 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"12/12/2018Gross MisdemeanorKenyon, MN 55946Tip
Maeyaert Christopher Ray"5015/FTA THEFT / DAR"12/12/2018MisdemeanorLucan, MN 56255Tip
Siebold Richard Antonius"5012/OVS 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"12/12/2018FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Akway Ochaung Gora"5015/FTA OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS / DISORDERLY CONDUCT"12/11/2018MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Coopman Joshua Robert"5015/FTA DOMESTIC ASSAULT / DISORDERLY CONDUCT"12/11/2018MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Curtis Stacey Lee"5015/FTA 3RD DEGREE BURGLARY"12/11/2018FelonyMankato, MN 56001Tip
Esquivel Sabrina Lisette"5015/FTA THEFT"12/11/2018Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Hubbard Tyshawn Damontae"5012/OVS DWI"12/11/2018Gross MisdemeanorMinneapolis, MN 55408Tip
Leverette Anthony James"5015/FTA 4TH DEGREE PROPERTY DAMAGE"12/11/2018MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Vang Chou Xee"5015/FTA 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE"12/11/2018FelonySt Paul, MN 55119Tip
Edmondson Akil Kinte"5015/FTA TAMPER WITH MV ENTER WITHOUT OWNER PERMISSION"12/10/2018MisdemeanorDetroit, MI 48227Tip
Eytcheson Brady Alan"5015/FTA 5TH DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE / INTRODUCE CONTRABAND INTO JAIL"12/10/2018FelonyFairmont, MN 56031Tip
Feltus Markus James"5015/FTA THEFT"12/10/2018MisdemeanorHibbing, MN 55746Tip
Fox Michael Charles"5015/FTA DOMESTIC ASSAULT"12/10/2018Gross MisdemeanorMankato, MN 56001Tip
Warrants updated as of:12/13/2018 8:30:02 AM